Why Use an Association Management Company?

Association Management Companies are businesses that provide professional management and administrative services to associations.


Capture Marketing provides a centralized office that serves as the client association’s headquarters. The overhead costs for the professional offices are shared by other association clients, increasing their resources and capabilities without major capital investment. Based on the concept of shared resources, specialists are drawn from the pool of personnel resources and assigned on an as-needed basis.


Why use an AMC?

  • Allows association leaders to concentrate on policy issues instead of administrative tasks

  • Provides an affordable, high degree of professionalism, management expertise and technology through the concept of shared resources

  • Customizes staff activity to meet association needs

  • Maintains continuity of business operation during changes in leadership and staff

  • Provides cost-effective solutions to personnel, equipment, facilities and budget considerations

  • Provides a high level of knowledge and expertise of best practices in the association/meeting management profession

  • Capture Marketing takes on the employment liability from the association

You Don't Get One Person - You Get A Team

Non-profit organizations are continuously expected to do more with less. From finance to event planning the pressure for a small board or executive director to do everything is challenging. By outsourcing you can:

  • Keep directors on task and give support

  • Program consistency

  • Improved record keeping and communications with members

  • Improved oversight


Let Capture Marketing help your organization by bringing a team who are experts in different fields. We work with many organizations who hire an executive director and use us as their back office and event management team. The cost of hiring and maintaining staff is tremendously more expensive than outsourcing to Capture Marketing.


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