Three Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Events

Events are great tools for our clients. They provide a platform for clients to tell their stories and build strong relationships with their members. While we helping clients create successful events, it’s time to admit that Capture gets something out of it as well. Managing events allows marketers to learn more about their clients and target audiences. With that in mind, here are some tips to get the most out of your events.


It’s tempting to just be a fly on the wall during events. Taking pictures of conference sessions and posting them on social media is a great way to document your event. Unfortunately, just showing attentive attendees writing notes isn’t that engaging. On top of that, you’re robbing yourself of a great opportunity to learn about your target audiences and their interests by leaving sessions early. Take a seat. Listen to your speakers and pay close attention to the questions people ask. After all, you’ve got a sample of the people you’re trying to reach every day in the room. There’s hardly a better opportunity to connect with them and see what they care about the most.


While you’re in sessions, keep an ear to the ground. This time, you’re not thinking about what your audience wants to see from your client or social media. You’re listening for feedback on the event. Did they like the location? Is the food satisfactory? Are the speakers engaging and relevant? Sure, you’ll get some of that information on your event evaluations. As most marketers know, getting attendees to fill out surveys after the event is tough. If you tune in while it’s happening, you’ll hear how people feel in the moment and gather important input that can help you improve your events.

Make Connections

You never know how an organization has impacted someone until you ask. Managing an event is the perfect opportunity to search out personal stories that highlight the work your client does. Get to know the people in the room and their connection to your client. Not only will this let you learn more about what drives people to be a part of an organization, it also gives you a great opportunity to curate stories to share later in video testimonials, blogs, newsletters, social media posts and more.

Now it’s time to make the most of your events. Your clients will thank you!


As a digital marketing coordinator, Anna curates social media content for Capture Marketing Group clients. A graduate of Drake University, she enjoys finding new ways to help clients reach their marketing goals.

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