5 ways to stay ahead of your deadline in 2017

Getting things done on time is critical in our shop. This means we need to have the skill to accurately determine and record deadlines and then act effectively in anticipation of them. This skill, or the lack thereof, can make or break our reputation.

Meeting deadlines can be stressful with large workloads. If you need a little help hitting your deadlines, let your calendar help you manage them. Here are a few simple steps that can help you calm your deadline anxieties:

  • Determine the final deadline date for completing all the work and put that date on your calendar.

  • Break down the work into steps, including tasks that must be done and materials or essential details that must be gathered before you can get started.

  • Calculate how much time will reasonably be needed to accomplish each step you identified. Remember, unforeseen difficulties can arise, so it’s a good idea to set your deadline a couple of days earlier than the drop dead date.

  • Determine which steps can be delegated and assign them to others in your office. For each task you assign to yourself, block off space on your calendar to allow adequate time to perform each task.

  • Treat appointments with tasks as seriously as you would an appointment with a client. Don’t allow interruptions for anything but a true emergency. If you miss an appointment with the task, immediately reschedule it.

If you treat tasks on your calendar as real appointments and strive to keep them, you will be more likely to complete the work on time and without the stress. Give these steps a try ... You just might meet more deadlines in 2017!


As account manager, Jeanne’s experience working with nonprofits and associations has expanded over 10 years. Acting as a liaison from member organizations to the executive committee, she regularly communicates with the association members. She teams up with the marketing department to execute marketing and event management.

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