Boosting your reach with Snapchat Geofilters

Geofilters, graphic overlays that can be placed onto a Snap, have always been a favorite among Snapchat app users. Initially, the Snapchat team only designed and offered Community Geofilters for public places. There were no options for customization. But the Snapchat team kept hearing requests from Snapchatters who wanted customized Geofilters for their businesses or private events. And that is where it all began — Snapchat introduced On-Demand Geofilters, and now users can put customized filters on all their Snaps.

With the new On-Demand Geofilters, individuals and small and medium-sized businesses can now use Snapchat as their own marketing channel. You have the ability to create and publish a customized Geofilter for a party, business or event. The possibilities are endless.

How to create a Geofilter

“How do these On-Demand Geofilters work?” you may ask. Well, it is actually quite simple. As specified on the Snapchat website, there are three easy steps.

1. Design

You begin by using your image editor of choice to create a filter. Snapchat also provides some templates that are compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator to help you get started. You will have to ensure your design meets Snapchat guidelines, and then you may upload your artwork.

2. Map

Next, you set a geofence for your Geofilter. A geofence is the virtual fence around the area where your Geofilter will be available. You will then choose the time and dates it will be available. As specified by the Snapchat team, you may set the Geofilter for an hour or up to thirty days! Pricing starts at $5 and depends on a few factors, including the size of your geofence and the time period you’ve chosen.

3. Buy

Once you complete the ‘Design’ and ‘Map’ phases you will move on to the final step, buying the Geofilter. Submit your Geofilter and the Snapchat team will quickly review it (usually within one business day). Assuming all is well, Snapchat will email you when your Geofilter is approved and it goes live. Now you can open the Snapchat camera and slide your finger across the screen, right to left, to access your new Geofilter! Snapchat will also send you another email when it ends.

How to assess performance

Once your filter has finished running, you may want to see your final reach through the Geofilter. However, you will not receive a direct email or notification from Snapchat informing you of your metrics. You will have to login into the website to review the metrics. There, you will see how many times the Geofilter was viewed and used. The uses are the number of times your Geofilter was applied to a Snap. The views are the number of times a Snapchatter watched a Snap with your Geofilter in a Story or on a Snap sent to them.

As one of the fastest growing social networks, with over 100 million daily active users, Snapchat can help you engage your audience. On-Demand Geofilters are a great way to get your business in front of your target audience. If you host an event, it is likely attendees will be on their phones snapping pictures of themselves and friends. Thanks to this new feature, they can put your branded Geofilter on their picture. With customized Geofilters, you open up the doors to a cost-effective way to increase awareness. Don’t be afraid to try it out!


Currently a senior marketing major at Drake University, Samantha has worked on research and content creation for social media outlets for Capture Marketing clients. Samantha also works on campaigns focused around Hispanic outreach and engagement.

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