3 tips for organizing client accounts

Within the last year, Capture Marketing has gained multiple clients and hired on more staff. We’re ecstatic about our growth and look forward to what’s to come in the next few years! Along with the excitement comes more projects, databases and events to manage. It’s more critical than ever to keep each client’s information organized to optimize our customer service, customization, and quality. As account manager, I’ve discovered three tips to help me stay organized:

1. Color coding

I color code everything I can — from physical folders to Outlook events on the calendar. Because I’m a visual person, this helps me quickly identify each client’s information. Plus, colors are pretty and they make me happy!

2. Individual notebooks

Have you ever tried keeping all your to-do lists, reminders and notes organized in one single notebook? It doesn’t work…at least not for me. I create a separate notebook for every client and clearly label it. Each meeting and conversation is noted in the corresponding client’s notebook to avoid confusion. I also include important items like bylaws, board member lists, and policies in each notebook. This practice makes it seem like I’m really on top of things. When I am in a meeting and someone asks, “Can we do this?” I quickly pull out the bylaws and respond, “Yes, according to your bylaws, you can.” Impressive right?

3. An online collaboration platform

We started using Central Desktop (now iMeet® Central) in early 2015. They aren’t kidding when they say, “We will change how your people work…For the better.” Central Desktop helps us organize and manage multiple client events, communication requests, projects, and so much more. It’s a private and secure website that lets us share files, manage projects, and automate workflow automation. It also provides a centralized communication platform that we can use from any device. I’m not a marketing genius (like the rest of our awesome staff), but it’s been a great tool for me in keeping clients organized and a great way to collaborate with the marketing team.

Who says staying organized has to be a nightmare? Follow these three easy steps and you’ll be on your way to smoother operations and better customer service. Happy organizing!


As account manager, Jeanne’s experience working with nonprofits and associations has expanded over 10 years. Acting as a liaison from member organizations to the executive committee, she regularly communicates with the association members. She teams up with the marketing department to execute marketing and event management.

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