3 ways to market like no one's watching

We all loved Apple’s music ad starring Taylor Swift enthusiastically dancing across the screen as if “no one's watching.” But, I hate to break it to you, Taylor — we were all watching. As a Taylor Swift fan, I’m happy to applaud her committed moves. Although I’m not much of a dancer, I’ve reflected on the idea of committing to my work in the same way. As a marketing coordinator, I want to be the teammate and expert who markets like no one’s watching. Whether my day is packed with contractor meetings or chock-free, I want to use the time at my desk in the best possible way. Now being in the agency world for three months, I’ve learned the best way to market like no one’s watching is by regularly revisiting campaign strategy and long-term goals for each client and project at hand. I juggle a handful of communication tools for our clients — promotional brochures, event communication, newsletters and social media. Within each of these tools, there are multiple ways to reflect our clients’ brands, inspire audiences and improve results. As I manage our clients’ communication, I find three things help me revisit campaign strategy and best equip me to strengthen our clients’ brands — or, as I like to say, to market as if no one’s watching:

  • Review feedback

  • Initiate conversation

  • Pursue educational opportunities

Review feedback

Be it surveys from a client’s latest conference or comments passed through an email, I always find it helpful to regularly peruse past client communication. Even if I’m faced with a task that seems to be unrelated to the last one, feedback from past projects still communicates the same way in all project forms. The client usually highlights the same main points, goals and visions to communicate to the audience. Initiate conversation

It’s important to initiate conversation. Sure, with your client — but, maybe even more importantly, with your client’s customers. Reaching out and engaging via social media is a great way to better understand customer perception of the brand. Even while attending networking opportunities, casually discuss the industries where your clients are and gauge your peers’ comments — both positive and negative. Pursue educational opportunities

Finally, pursuing educational opportunities helps me to revisit campaign strategy because it simply inspires me. Networking events, conferences, workshops, you name it — these opportunities force you to get out of your chair, hear other opinions and remind you of the “real-world” situations your peers face in the workplace every day. Between real face time with our clients it’s far too easy to get uninspired. By applying these three practices, I fight the lack of inspiration and provide the best efforts and results for our clients. Even if no one actually is watching, I’m still informed, enthused and committed to excellent results.


As marketing coordinator, Tina’s expertise is in executing amazing marketing campaigns in the nonprofit and for-profit realm. She has overseen many state initiatives, outreach and marketing campaigns focused around social media and engagement.

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